12 June 2020

Summer Love

This was in fact some time ago, but it was fun. For a video of my befriended photographer Andreas Baum I had the opportunity to compose the score music. With Logix Pro X the video appears synchronized to the score, which allows composing image to image. Drums Arturia Beatstep with Toontrack EZ Drummer. Bass with Spectrasonics Trillian. Guitars > Ovation Nylon > and Electric > Deschler Instruments ( to be seen here ) > All other instruments Logic EXS24. To the video > here


16 June 2020


With my new camera > Sony Alpha 6300 > I took almost 120 packshots of my jobs for this website. And many more unusable ones. The groove is made of plotter paper. The illuminators I borrowed from Nanette Roth and the fantastic object lens > Sigma 30 mm > from Arno Dietsche as with the standard objective lens the picture was too much distorted. The brightness of the RAW data files only had to be slightly adjusted with Adobe Camera Raw. Great camera! But enough is enough…

16 May 2020


I love robots. This one stands in my hall, monitoring the front door. The head font I use on my website is > Roboto > obtained from Adobe Edge Webfonts. Roboto is available in 12 different styles, I used Light, Regular and Bold. However, when I look up for Roboto in the web, I end up with Google. Does this mean that Adobe took the fonts from Google? Hmmm… I will task my robot with the investigation…